Meyer Sound UPQ-1P Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound introduced the latest UPQ-1P Loudspeaker in the recent InfoComm 2008. Best suited for permanent installations including theatres, nightclubs and corporate AV applications, the UPQ-1P Loudspeaker has been able to demonstrate the same consistent and smooth sonic signature of Meyer Sound products.

John Meyer, CEO and Co-founder of Meyer Sound, said, “Meyer Sound products have been widely used in theaters, churches and live venues. Now our customers are demanding smaller and lighter loudspeakers with high-quality performance across the frequency range. UPQ-1P is the answer to their request, and with the same coherent phase response that people have come to expect from Meyer Sound products.”

Certain specifications of the Meyer Sound UPQ-1P Loudspeaker are: 

  • 1,275 watts of total amplifier power
  • A peak power output of 136 dB SPL
  • Weighs 105 pounds
  • Measures 19″x 28″ x 18″

The Meyer Sound UPQ-1P Loudspeaker promises high performance as it contains 80-degree by 50-degree constant-Q horn in it. This technology has even made this loudspeaker provide an exceptionally uniform response throughout the wide coverage area and a gentle high-frequency roll off.

Via: Press