Metra ltd s12-50 12 gauge clear speaker wire



This is good wire that is both durable and effective at improving the quality of sound that you get from your system. I like the clear jacket even if it makes it a little harder to use when hooking up your components.




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Get Great Sound with the METRA Ltd S12-50 12 Gauge Speaker Wire

The METRA Ltd S12-50 12 gauge speaker wire is tough, strong and great with sound.

This METRA wire is one of the best to use when looking to set up your own personal home stereo or high definition system with a wall run.

The METRA S12-50 12 Gauge speaker wire is well sheathed and is made from oxygen free copper, which makes for a clear and crisp playback sound. The wire quality of this brand is considered by many to be far superior to the high-end brand names like those offered by companies like Monster.

When it comes to ordering this speaker wire you will find that when you order the 100 foot spool size it is far better as the more you order the cheaper it tends to be. So if you know you are going to need more in the future then get the longer spool now and save some cash. It is extremely important to measure out exactly how much speaker wire you will actually require for the wall installation prior to ordering this cable anyway and you always want to get more than you need just in case you run into trouble.

This METRA S12-50 12 Gauge speaker wire is very flexible, yet plenty sturdy for any of your wiring needs. I like how strong it feels in my hand- it doesn’t feel like it will snap or crack like some other wire. When you install any type of surround system cabling, you need to ensure that all wires for each set must be equal in length in order to get proper sound effect. Therefore, when you are looking to measure out how much wire you will need you need to take into consideration that even though speakers will be placed at different places in your room running from the receiver, you still need to measure each speaker wire as an equal measurement.

The METRA S12-50 12 Gauge speaker wire may not be the cheapest wire out there but it is also not the most expensive. What this wire does is produce the best quality of sound for your money. METRA is continuously on the cutting edge of innovative products and from what I can tell, they hit the nail on the head with this METRA wire.

Technical Info:

Model: S12-50

Item Package Quantity: 1

Cable type: Speaker cable

Gauge: 12

Left connector type: Bare wire

Right connector type: Bare wire

Length: 50 feet

MSRP: $25.00

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