Metra ltd s12-100 12 gauge clear speaker wire



I like the sound aspect of this Metra wire, it is really outstanding but the company seems to have some problems with the consistency of the packaging. If they could measure these lengths properly and send them out as entire pieces of wire I would be much more ready to recommend the Metra Ltd S12-100 12 gauge clear speaker wire.

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Good Sound but Poor Packaging

The Metra Ltd S12-100 12 gauge clear speaker wire has the ability to make everything you hear sound better, but the company needs to be more careful about what they are sending out.

One of the problems with ordering spooled speaker wire is that sometimes you don’t get what you order and that can be mighty frustrating to say the least. That happened to me with this Metra wire. They did not send the right length. Sure, it was only a few feet short but still, I did pay for it after all. Once that disappointment was out of the way things picked up.

The well sheathed oxygen-free copper wire is perhaps the best on the market when it comes to giving you pure sound. This kind of sound can transform anything you are listening to into art, I love it! You do need to remember though that it’s going to do more for a good system than a poor one. The better quality your audio system is, the more you can get out of it with the right wires and cables.

No matter how you slice it, this is high quality 12-gauge wire that you can use for any home theatre system at an extremely reasonable price. I looked at the physical attributes of the wire and it’s comparable to what Monster offers and when I plugged the wire into my system the sound blew me away. It was a very crisp sound and this too is as good as what other wires offer at double the price.

When I hooked this wire up to the pre-wired system in my home I immediately noticed a difference in sound quality and the ease of installation was a big bonus in my eyes.

Technical Info:

Model: S12-100

Item Package Quantity: 1

Cable Type: Speaker Cable

Left Connector Type: Bare Wire

Right Connector Type: Bare Wire

Length: 100 Feet

MSRP: $43

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