Meridian Deny Misleading ‘Stereophile’ Inferences

Meridian’s Robert Stuart has vehemently denied reports suggesting that the company were no longer interested in supporting DVD-Audio.

The ‘Stereophile’ articles, written by Peter van Willenswaard and appearing both in print and on-line, suggested that because Meridian representatives, Stuart in particular, had not attended the recent AES convention in Munich, the company had lost interest in the DVD-Audio format and was no longer prepared to demonstrate its capabilities. Both articles then went on to promote the rival Super Audio CD format, thereby giving the impression of a vibrant future for one format while the other would be consigned to the doldrums of history.

But nothing could be further from the truth; anyone who attended the AES convention in Munich would have seen (and heard) both Robert Stuart and Peter Craven demonstrating DVD-Audio in both exhibitor and workshop environments.

Meridian tells us that the ‘Stereophile’ reports have “…caused Meridian substantial embarrassment and of course [have resulted in] countless of hours denying the rumour.

In response to the van Willenswaard articles, Robert Stuart wrote to the 3-D list explaining that he was “…astonished and more than a little disturbed to see this magazine – which hitherto has had the highest professional standards in reporting – slip up by carrying van Willenswaard’s agenda-loaded pieces.