Meridian D-ILA MF10 Digital Projector and DVP2351 Digital Video


Meridian Audio Limited unveiled its D-ILA MF10 Digital Projector and DVP2351 Digital Video during EHX 2008. Taking you to new heights of cinematic visual experience, the devices are a boon for the entertainment industry.

Based on D-ILA light-engine technology, the MF-10 boasts three-chip 1080p array and reduction in stray light. You will be amazed to know that it offers a native contrast ratio of 30,000:1 without using servo iris. The 16 element, all glass lens delivers sharp and clear video.

Delivering picture from 60 to 200 inches with 2x zoom, the MF-10 possesses 2.35:1 conversion kit. Digital video processor DVP2351 conveys greatest performance with MF-10. It is controlled completely through RS-232 communications or Infra red. Working with 4 HDMI inputs, the DVP2351 has the high definition scaling/deinterlacing digital-video processing capabilities.

“With Meridian’s unique engineering experience and proprietary design, and with our rigorous hand-selection and calibration programs, we are now able to offer fully reference-grade equipment at rational cost, enabling a new level of home-theater excellence,” says Norm Steinke, Chief Operating Officer of Meridian America. The devices are combination of unique engineering experience and advanced calibration programs. While the MF-10 projector is priced at $14,995, the DVP2351 processor is available for $3,995.

Via: Press