Mentor Graphics Announces HDMI Verification Products

These days, you just never know if you are getting what you are paying for as far as investing in HDTV and HDMI components. To ensure you are getting what you bargained for, Mentor Graphics presents its high-performance platform to accelerate the verification of HDTV products.

This platform enables designers to test their HDTV system, including High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and DisplayPort interfaces, by employing real-world HDTV stimulus and analysis tools early in the development cycle – delivering verification for thousands of full-HDTV frames. The platform consists of the Veloce family of hardware-assisted verification products and the iSolve Multimedia product for HTDV applications, which provides a cost-effective and efficient solution, delivering a dynamic and accurate verification environment.

HDMI has become dominant in the connection of millions of High-Definition (HD) devices, including flat-panel HD TVs, PCs, HD camcorders, digital video recorders (DVRs), and video game consoles. With a high-speed interface that delivers sustained bandwidth rates, broader and deeper color depths to allow displays to cover billions of colors, and easier connectivity, HDMI has enjoyed a huge success, with over 800 licensees and over 200 million units sold so far.

DisplayPort is a new standard that is becoming more important in the desktop PC and mobile PC markets, as vendors look to replace existing VGA and other older standard interfaces.

The solution is available for deployment at customer sites, effective immediately.

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