Memorex MLTD 2622 Television Review-Great For Tight Spaces

I’ve mentioned before, but it bears repeating, that I generally don’t review any television smaller than thirty two inches because I have serious questions about its viability as a part of a home theater system.  I realize this is somewhat hypocritical being as my primary television is a twenty six inch Philips that has served me well for the last five years, but today I’ve got a reason to break in on that.

Today I’m talking about the Memorex MLTD 2622, and I’m downright astonished.

The Memorex MLTD 2622 (and yes, this is a television by Memorex–that’s not a typo) is a twenty six inch 720p LCD television with a built in DVD player, and that’s most of why I’m talking about it today.  It also offers a 3D digital comb filter, one S-video input, two component video inputs, two composite video inputs, one PC input, seven audio inputs, one optical digital audio output and one coaxial digital audio output.

If you’re one of those people dealing with tight spaces, then you might find this a very useful item.  The fact that it’s got the DVD player already built in means you need fewer connections and less space.  It’s also a good buy for people who don’t have a lot of components to their home theater nor expect to need them, or for people who have older components not dependent on HDMI connections.

The picture and sound both look halfway decent–this is a 720p we’re dealing with, after all, and most of your newer televisions are coming out starting at 1080p.  And the price is excellent–I found this on Best Buy’s outlet center selling for two hundred ninety bucks.  So if you’re in a tight space or have older components, you may want to consider the highly efficient Memorex MLTD 2622.