Memorex MIHTS3202 Sound Bar Review-A Big Surprise In Several Ways

This week we’re going specifically after an unusual line of home theater components, the sound bar system. Small, lightweight, great in small spaces yet still putting out a surprisingly amount of sound. And today’s target is one we don’t see everyday–one that we see even less than Coby, interestingly enough: the Memorex MIHTS3202.

The Memorex MIHTS3202 is a hundred and sixty watt 2.1 channel sound bar that offers an integrated subwoofer, a pair of auxiliary inputs to hook up other digital audio gear, an S-video input to patch in your DVD player or other devices with such an output, an iPod dock, and an optional wall-mounting capability.

Considering that I’ve never actually seen or heard a Memorex system before that I can remember (I found only one Memorex review here, for a television), considering that before writing this up I was not a hundred percent sure that Memorex actually MADE hardware (I’d forgotten about the television review as I’d written it in early April), the best I can do is sort of a vague comparison between this and other models.  Surprisingly, the sound quality is passably good here (I’ve heard much better, though even for a sound bar, this is pretty nice), and it’s definitely worthwhile to know that you can hook your iPod into it. Some words, however, report trouble with newer iPods, so if you have a classic, you should do all right here.

Now here’s where things get interesting–the folks out at Best Buy want seventy dollars for this.  Seventy dollars. That’s less than dinner for two at some places, and here, it will get you an audio package, and a pretty decent one at that.

Sure, the Memorex MIHTS3202 isn’t anything truly stunning, but what it is is a surprisingly rich audio experience for a tiny, TINY amount of money as home theater audio goes.  Give this one a definite listen to see if it’ll work for you if you’re in the market.