Memorex Lite Series – Full-Motion Wall Mount

In case you’ve got a 30-inch to 50-inch TV at home and want a useful wall mount solution, check out the latest Lite Series made by Memorex. According to the company, this is the world’s thinnest full-motion wall mount, can you believe it?

Anyhow, the Memorex Lite Series is able to support 150lbs (close to 70kg) of weight, and it can either accommodate a Plasma or LCD TV being 1.4-inches from the wall. Thanks to TorqControl technology, users have the following details to work on full-range motion: tilt, pan, swivel, extend and retract.

In terms of limits, the Memorex Lite Series can be tilt down to 70 degrees, and has a swivel range of +/-25 degrees.

Memorex Lite Series