MegaTV Goes for Canon Lenses

Canon is a known brand and in the world of broadcasting, you just have to go with the best. Apparently this was the case for MegaTV, a new Spanish language HDTV station in Miami as they have reportedly purchased studio and portable HDTV lenses from no other than Canon.

With a busy daily production schedule, MegaTV is certainly making the right choice and not taking any chances. Going for the Canon XJ22X compact studio lenses, two wide angled HJ11ex4.7B portable EFP lenses and two telephoto HJ22ex7.6B portable ENG lenses will surely deliver the goods in quality broadcasting for this upstart TV station.

Two HJ22ex7.6B HD ENG lenses are used for handheld applications. The HJ22ex7.6B features Canon’s eDrive technology, which enables users to program zoom, focus and other settings for precise, automated repeatability. The XJ22xs compact HD studio lenses are scaled to provide bona fide “box lens” performance for portable HD cameras configured for studio use. Each weighs 13.4lb.

(Source) Broadcast Engineering