MediaPOINTEs new DMD200 Player

Advanced Media Design (AMD), the renowned developer of the award-winning AV-over-IP collaboration technology MediaPOINTE, announced the launch of its DMD200 Player in the recently held InfoComm 2008. The new DMD200 Player displays live programs on devices such as a plasma, LCD, television or projector.

Gareth Wade, vice president of sales and marketing, AMD/MediaPOINTE, stated, "Both new products are easy to install and use. Simply connect them directly to an output device or display, link to a source stream via an IP address, and you’re immediately receiving streamed live or recorded content.”

MediaPOINTE’s new DMD200 Player supports MPEG-04 part 10 and plays content originating from MediaPOINTE’s new Digital Network Streamer (DNS) 210e. The new DMD200 Player is ideal for being used anytime if you wish to share information at any time, without fuss or long preparation. Distance learning, training, digital signage and meeting collaboration etc will be certain suitable places where the DMD200 Player will be good to use.

You can store the DMD200 Player discretely mounted behind a display device for digital signage applications, meetings, presentations, lectures, and television programs and get best results. As this devices is smaller in size, therefore, can be installed easily without making the environment haphazard.

Via: Press