MediaCentral 2.8 supports TubeStick Hybrid

US people will now be able to watch live digital and analog television within Media Central as the Equinux recently released its new MediaCentral 2.8, the ultimate mediacenter solution for Mac OS X. MediaCentral. This will fully support the latest addition to the TubeStick family – TubeStick hybrid.

You will no more have to search for channels as you can access saved locations by using the TubeStick hybrid in conjunction with MediaCentral. Just pause the live TV show, rewind and catch up later using Timeshift! It is so easy and amazing that you will only need to click from anywhere with the Apple Remote, choose your preferred recording and start playback. It is also possible to activate closed captioning while watching with the Apple Remote.

Good news! MediaCentral 2.8 is a free update for every registered user. So, you would only have to visit the equinux website and download the new version to install it. TubeStick hybrid which comes equipped with the Tube TV Software can be bought at the equinux Online Store or at local Apple dealers at a price of US$129 only.

Via: Press