Maxon To Showcase CINEMA 4D Advanced Motion Graphics

Maxon Computer has announced that they will be showcasing the CINEMA 4D flagship software at PROMAX/BDA, providing techies a first-hand look on the software that is responsible for creating motion graphics that we are sure to be familiar with in the broadcast industry.

The CINEMA 4D is being used in widely popular TV Networks. Among them include Cartoon Network rebrand campaign (Capacity); On-air commentator set design for Super Bowl XLIII (Innovative Show Design); Showtime visual campaign for upcoming season of “Weeds” (Perception); and the National Geographic TV “World’s Toughest Fixes” (Cosmocyte).

These and a whole lot of other current stations are expected to make use of this technology since we have seen that this is a form of leverage that they can use with other competing networks today.

(Source) Press