Matsushita capturing OLED TV Market

Japan’s Matsushita Electric Industrial Co is settling plans to manufacture 37-inch organic light-emitting diode TVs in three years. It wants to overcome its rivals in the next-generation flat-TV competition.

It is predicted by the newspapers that very soon Matsushita would achieve the first position in the field of manufacturing OLED TVs of over 30 inches. Those TVs will be available for the customers at 150,000 Yen ($1,390).

Matsushita spokesman Akira Kadota said the company was allowing for the commercialization of OLED TVs in the future, but it had not determined on any particulars including the launch timing or size.

The OLED TVs are well-equipped with advanced features and they don’t need backlighting. The OLED TVs would possibly not take off awaiting about 2015. Matsushita, which is the world’s no 1 plasma TV manufacturer, will also arrange an OLED invention line at the IPS Alpha Technology Factory in Chiba Prefecture that is proficient mass-production of LCD panels.

Via: News