Masters Series M4 Analog/Digital Tuner


NAD Electronics, global leader in manufacturing audio/video components, will debut its Masters Series M4 Analog/Digital Tuner at CES 2008. Based on latest digital technology and featuring sophisticated style and ultimate build quality, the M4 Tuner delivers enhanced sound quality from the input broadcast.

Delivering interference free reception, the easy-to-use Tuner is designed keeping in mind FM, AM or XM broadcasts. In the 40-station preset memory, user can save selected channels either in front panel or through IR remote control. Transparent Audio Tuning technology selects the stations in given area. RDS capable, a two-line dot matrix displays information about channels, stations IDS, songs and artist.

Boasting a high selectivity and capture ratio, the Tuner receives all stations on FM dial with clear reception. Low distortion output is achieved by Intermediate Frequency (IF). Improved Audio Frequency Response, frequency response correction for MPX Filter is the result of double-tuned FM detector. While the interstation tuning noise is eliminated with a Mute button, the noise from distant station is reduced by Blend function.

The M4 Analog/Digital Tuner consists of highly sensitive AM Tuner for AM broadcast. Innovatively designed and reasonably priced at $1299, the M4 Tuner features T/I Burr-Brown operational amps and TI/Burr-Brown digital-to-analog converters.

Via: Press