Masters Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier Launched

NAD Electronics unveils its latest audiophile solution with the Masters Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier. This totally takes the audio demands of audiophiles to the next level, a digital amplifier that makes itself available for people gearing up for better quality home theater entertainment.

Dynamic and musically revealing, the M2 produces music that seems to come from the structure of space itself; wonderful, precise, easy to enjoy for hours without tiring. Superior to all previous so-called digital amplifiers, the M2 can be thought of as a Digital-to-Analog Converter that directly drives a loudspeaker with the same precision as the best low-level DACs.

More sophisticated than Class D analog amplifiers often erroneously referred to as “digital,” the M2 is the first digital amplifier to exceed all the best analog amplifiers for low noise and distortion. It can deliver a powerful distribution of 250 Watts to each of two channels, and 500 Watts of dynamic power.

The M2 is shipping this summer at a suggested price of $5,999.

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