Martin Logan Thin-Film Home Theater Speakers

Slim is in and I am not just talking about body weight. This is also evident in the world of technology and in this case, home theater setup. Martin Logan unveils a new thin-film home theater speaker option, which tries to come close to being as thin as films.

But in the end, it all boils down to audio quality and delivery. Outside appearance is nothing if you don’t deliver the goods and this comes in the form of complementing the video entertainment that people look for today.

Boasting some serious detail and fast driver response, the Encore TF uses an ATF (Advanced Thin Film) driver, as well as long-excursion, low-mass woofers and advanced crossover engineering to produce dynamic lifelike sound. Its discreet slimline design and uniform dispersion characteristics make it an excellent choice for center, front or rear channel duties.

From the image above alone, how can you ask for anything more. Design is important but it doesn’t count if it fails to render the audio complement that home theaters are known to provide.

(Source) Big Picture Sound