Marantz unveils latest Pure Basic Series


Recently, Marantz announced its new CD Player CD5003, amplifiers PM5003/ PM7003 and P8003 and AM/FM Tuner ST6003. The new CD5003 is designed to deliver the purest digital sound reproduction to the users. It provides a dynamic range of 100dB and is prices at 200 Euros.

The PM5003 amplifier introduced by Marantz provides an output power of 40 Watts x 2 and 55 Watts x 2. The PM7003 and PM8003 amplifiers deliver an output power of 70 Watts x 2 and 100 Watts each. The new amplifiers PM5003/ PM7003 and P8003 are priced around 200 Euros, 375 Euros and 560 Euros.

The last of the newly launched products, ST6003 FM/AM Tuner comes with some 50 programmable presets. It delivers a frequency range of 76.0-90.0 MHz. This tuner from Marantz is priced at around 185 Euros.