Marantz Is Poised To Launch Their Own AirPlay Music System

Marantz is gearing up to launch their own AirPlay certified music system, which they’ve named the Melody Media. This machine will give you access to your personal collection of iTunes through any speaker setup that it’s compatible with. Apparently, this device boasts “all-in-one” functionality, supporting multiple formats and features a CD drive with the capability to manage CDR/RW, MP3 and WMA encoded discs.

Furthermore, the Melody Media offers radio functions in the form of DAB/DAB+, FM and AM tuners with a 50 preset channel memory, streaming capacity and connectivity for iPod and iPhone. In addition to this, other goodies include two stereo amplifiers, DLNA capability and the M-XPort for streaming music through Bluetooth with an optional Bluetooth receiver called the RX101.

Thus, the Marantz Melody Media is due for release later in the month for ?499 and for another ?40, you can also get the AirPlay firmware update that launches in November. Interestingly enough, Marantz claims that they’ve developed the world’s first AirPlay certified music system. However, that claim seems invalid considering that the RCD-N7 Apple AirPlay system was released in Japan by Denon earlier this month. So, it seems that Denon and Marantz could be headed for a nasty argument or perhaps even a legal dispute.