Marantz ES7001 home theater system

Marantz ES7001 home theater system If you have been postponing your purchase of a home theater system for not being able to run the wires across room or budget, here comes ES7001 home theater system from Marantz. One aluminum enclosure engulfs in it left, right and center speakers, digital amplifiers and surround image processing.

One body system delivering with the system wide programming remote and HDMI and optical digital inputs can be mounted on the wall easily. Place the system / SSX above or below your display device, connect the DVD player and enjoy the sound experience.

Triple 32-bit DSP configuration with OPSODIS processing and integrated Dolby digital makes it a versatile device. It also features a binaural mode along with D-BUS remote connection. Get home the amazing device for $1299.99 with a 3 year limited warranty.

Via: Marantz