Manowar Releases First Heavy Metal Multichannel SACD

Nuclear Blast Records Germany announced that they have released the album “Warriors of the World” by Manowar on Multichannel SACD. According to Nuclear Blast, this marks the first time that a heavy metal band has relased an album on SACD. The disc is a Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD which includes 3 music mixes: Multichannel SACD, Stereo SACD and Conventional Stereo CD.

It is playable on both SACD and CD players. Prior to this release, Manowar’s “Warriors of the World” album has also been released on Stereo CD and as a Vinyl LP.

Remixing and Mastering The Album for SACD
As with the original Stereo CD release, the 5.1 Multichannel and Stereo SACD mixes of “Warriors Of The World” were done by Ronald Prent at Galaxy Studios in Belgium. According to Nuclear Blast officials, they selected Galaxy Studios as the site for the SACD remixes due to the studio’s prior experience with SACD mixes and their high quality 5.1 remix facilities. (Readers of High Fidelity Review will recall that several earlier SACDs were also mixed at Galaxy Studios including Moment of Glory by the Scorpions & Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, both SACDs by Dana Winer on EMI and the SACD by Frank Galan on Epic Europe).

“This tremendous new format allows us to get the listener directly on stage or in front of the stage or wherever we want him to be, like a fourth dimension. To mix music in this new format is a very creative process – like a celebrated painter presenting his latest work to a master frame maker to encapsulate and get the best results from their work”

, says Manowar Bass Player Joey DeMaio.

“We were very fortunate to have a genius like Ronald bringing our music to the people at Philips who instantly agreed on having him mix the album for SACD as well”.

The album “Warriors Of The World” features the German Top 15 Single “Warriors Of The World United” as well as songs like “Nessun Dorma” or “Swords In The Wind” which Nuclear Blast officals say “the whole potential of a SACD mix can be shown.”

Manowar’s “Warriors of the World” Multichannel SACD is now available in record stores that carry SACDs in Germany. In addition, it is available for purchase on the Amazon.De and Cybercd.De web sites.