Manage Your Netflix Queue on Your Nokia Phone

If you’re one of the owners of a Nokia E72, E71x, 5800, N97, or N97 mini (and I’ll tell you this, the N97 is an unbelievable phone with more features than a Swiss army knife) then you have a whole new reason to be happy you shelled out seven hundred bucks on a cell phone (yeah, that’s what they cost)–you can now manage your Netflix queue from any one of them.

Netflix released the Nokia app just Monday, and it allows you to browse titles, manage your queue, and even watch video previews of upcoming releases.

At last report, Blockbuster Online doesn’t have anything even vaguely similar to this, so that’s one more nail in their coffin.  I’m not sure why Netflix felt the need to come out with this one, though–it’s not like they really needed the help.  They’re pounding most everybody into the ground already, so why spike the ball?  Not that I’m complaining, mind you–it’s a great idea whose time has truly come.  But the why of it does elude me somewhat.

Well, not that it even matters.  It’s available, and it’s awesome.