Mall of America Theatres Integrate Motion Activated Seats

Nothing beats enjoying what you are watching other than really feeling it when you watch films on the big screen. And thanks to technology, motion-activated seats are bound to push movie watchers to that niche and Mall of America Theatres intends to do just that.

Moviegoers will feel as if they are living the action – experiencing every explosion, car chase and even flight scene right from their very own theater seat. This realistic, immersive experience is created with breakthrough D-BOX Motion Code technology in which the movie is coded, frame-by-frame, to create customized Motion Effects resulting in subtle, refined movements that work in perfect sync with the action taking place onscreen.

Theatres at Mall of America is the first theater in Minnesota to feature D-BOX’s innovative Motion Systems and the third location in the U.S. The theater will equip 30 seats in its auditorium with the company’s motion technology powered by D-BOX Motion Effects, causing seats to jolt, swerve and tilt with onscreen action.

(Source) Press