Make an mobile into a universal remote with Peel Fruit

There are many devices that can turn an iDevice into a universal remote like the VooMote ONE, the My TV remote from Ryz Media, and GEAR4?s UnityRemote.

A start-up company Peel just announced their first product the Fruit which will work for an iDevice, and plans are to have it come to Android.

Basically, it can relay commands from the phone to the fruit, which can then transmit the infrared signals that most remotes are using. The user can use the free application of the Peel to change channels, swap content sources, and it is even customizable so it will recommend shows that you are interested in.

You will be able to browse your shows through a visual interface, but only when watching live cable. There is presently no DVR or media streaming devices planned. You should be able to get this for about $99, which is the going price for it in the Apple Store.