Magor AM 46-01 LCD Monitor FCC Approved


FCC has recently approved Magor AM 46-01 LCD monitor. It boasts high end features and fantastic presentation. Magor AM LCD monitor offers 500 cd/m2 brightness that brilliantly portrays even the darkest parts of the picture.

Highly advanced Magor AM 46-01 LCD monitor comes with a lot more amazing and useful features, such as scale mode to choose FULL or 4:3 aspect ratio, picture mode, backlight and a monitor ID.

The Magor LCD monitor measures 1059mm x 128mm x 612 mm in dimensions and weighs only 25kg. It also supports HDMI input, contrast ratio of 1800:1 and viewing angle of 178 degree. Users will surely get a great experience through the amazing and well-equipped Magor AM 46-01 LCD monitor.

Via: FCC