Magnavox Travel Speakers Fold To The Size of a Paperback Book

So I was just reading about a new kind of iPod speaker that’ll work with most any music player, but here’s the really interesting part–they’re FOLDABLE.  Sometimes you’ve got to take your home theater on the road, so it’s good to know there’s an easy way to do that.

They’re called Memorex Mi2290 Travel Speakers, and when they’re compressed, they’re about the size of a thick paperback novel.  All you have to do is stand them on the attached 30-pin connector to hear music, and even better, the travel speakers will actually recharge your iPod while music’s playing, so you get to take care of two birds with one stone.  You can actually hook other players to the speaker system, but you’ll have to pick up a five dollar cable that’ll let you connect the two mini-plug ends together.

Even better, you can get these for sixty bucks.  That’s not half bad for a foldable speaker array, and by all reports, the sound quality is solid.  That makes the Magnavox MI2290 Travel Speakers worthwhile, as far as I’m concerned.