Magnavox DV220MW9-Valuable Retro Tech For Your Home Theatre

Chances are we all know someone who still watches VHS cassettes.  Or, by extension, someone who still uses them to record programs and then watch them.  I’m thinking here of my parents, and you may be thinking of yours too.

And yet we ALL know it’s impossible, or mostly impossible, to find a VHS cassette in a video store.  It’s pretty much all DVD with a handful of usually kids’ movie exceptions.  Thus, for those of you out there who still have cassette tapes, or know someone who does, this one’s for you.

Today I’m talking the Magnavox DV220MW9, a seventy-dollar piece of hardware that will handle all your retro tech needs.  It’s a four-head VCR and a DVD player all in one convenient package.  There aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles here–like I said, this is a retro tech workhorse, nothing but–but will include front component jacks, an S-video out port, several rear component jacks and an actual tracking adjuster.  Remember THOSE?

Obviously, you won’t be getting high-def resolution or anything out of this puppy, but for the older stuff, or the stuff you can only get on VHS (you’d be surprised–there are some titles that never made the jump to DVD!), then you’ll be happy the Magnavox has this little handy package ready to go.