MAGIX Helps Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD

Normally a lot of us would have old VHS tapes stocked somewhere in our home or storage place. Apparently with the new wave of technology, the need to transfer the contents to DVD has become a necessity if you want to replay and watch old films or taped events. Magix aims to make life easier for you.

MAGIX Rescue your Videotapes is the easiest and quickest solution for recovering old treasures from VHS. DVD is not only a guarantee that old film material can be viewed with a new shine, but it is also a clearly safer storage medium than old cassettes.

MAGIX Rescue your Videotapes offers a USB video converter that features a SCART adapter, and the program MAGIX Movies on DVD 8 is a complete package which guarantees the user easy transferring of their analog material to the PC. In addition to VHS cassettes, other formats may be transferred to the PC, too. The only requirement for this is a SCART connection on the analog playback device.

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