Luminus Devices and DLP Products Introduce Their First-Ever Lamp-Free Projectors

Luminus Devices has proudly announced its first ever lamp free projectors. These new projectors have been launched in collaboration with Texas Instruments that has also brought out the company’s award-winning PhlatLight LED technology. Not only this, it also introduced the TI’s DLP technology that brings high quality and long lasting solid state illumination to mainstream projection applications.

"These projectors can produce outstanding images with far superior contrast and deeper blacks than lamp-based projectors," said Christian Hoepfner, vice president of products, Luminus Devices. "PhlatLight LEDs give DLP projectors a pure RGB light source, producing vivid, accurate, stable color images that will not shift or fade over time."

The new Lamp-free Projectors deliver PhlatLight LED performance and reliability along with convenience and environmental friendliness. These projectors are capable of creating pure and primary colors at high speeds.

Via: Press