LucasFilm Sell THX Division – More Details

More details about the sale of THX are reaching us here at High Fidelity Review.

Last week we exclusively broke the news of the sale of THX by LucasFilm to Creative Labs., and now we’re in a position to provide more information thanks to Terry Shea, Vice President of Griffin Public Relations.

Our original story was correct; a 60% share of THX has been sold, but not just to Creative. A new company has been formed, it will become known as THX Ltd., Lucasfilm remains an investor, as is Creative Technology (parent company of Creative Labs.) and there are also several, undisclosed private investors.

As yet the specific percentages of ownership have not been disclosed, but we do know that no one individual investor or company has a majority share in THX Ltd. However, as Creative is a publicly held company and is accountable to its shareholders, specifics about their part in THX Ltd., and the amount of their financial investment will become known when their own balance sheet is published.

Terry was quick to inform us that it is “…business as usual – all THX programs (professional and consumer) remain in place.

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