Lovefilm HD streaming coming to several new countries

Lovefilm, the European counterpart to Netflix, has announced that it will be streaming HD content to several new markets in Europe, including the United Kingdom and Germany – its two biggest markets. Lovefilm has been expanding over the past year since being acquired by Amazon, adding much more content and now offering said content in HD quality. The Lovefilm HD streaming is already available to subscribers, so no need to wait. Paid members will be able to stream Lovefilm movies in 1080p on the television sets, and up to 720p on video game console such as the Xbox 360. There are already hundreds of HD titles available for instant streaming, and many more will be coming over the next few months, according to the company. Lovefilm is quickly gaining lots of traction in Europe, and if Netflix is ever to enter the market, they’ll be facing a fierce competitor. One that’s backed by Amazon’s money.