Looking For A New Blu-Ray Player? Nows Your Chance!

Who says all the good bargains come on Black Friday?  No way, says I–you can get some really PRIME pieces right now!

In case you doubt me, I’ve got a line here on an excellent Blu-ray player from the folks out at Best Buy: the Insignia NS-WBRDVD. It’s a Blu-ray player, it offers wireless internet access and Netflix streaming.  Now, by itself this’d be pretty good news.  It’s got most everything you need in one convenient package.  But the absolute kick in the pants on this one is that, after rebate, it costs a hundred and nineteen bucks.

See what I mean about the set-top boxes like Roku being just a little less than relevant?  For maybe forty bucks more, you can get basically the same thing, except it’ll also play your disc media.  Why would you buy just a Roku or similar box by itself when this is an option?  Just makes more sense to go this way, I’d say.