Loiminchay Audios Kandinsky Hybrid Speaker System

Loiminchay Audio, manufacturer of handcrafted loudspeakers, has recently introduced its new Kandinsky Hybrid Speaker System. Crafted to deliver exceptional sound effects, this new speaker system comes in a heavily braced enclosure made of Birch MultiPly. The Kandinsky is premium grade speaker equipped with a 19-inch horn elegant.

“Measurements are very important but only part of the story,” explains Patrick. “Everything makes a difference in the sound; the choice of drivers, the shape and density of the cabinet, how well it’s braced, the quality and quantity of the lamb’s wool stuffing, how the sound waves flow around the cabinet’s exterior surfaces, and even which lacquer finish you choose! That’s right, a Kandinsky in high gloss piano black sounds slightly different than one in MultiClear lacquer or the custom-order solid cherry. That’s why every pair’s crossover is optimized for the best possible overall sound.”

The new Kandinsky Hybrid Speaker System features a 12-inch woofer for a greater sense of the original recording environment. This new speaker system is capable of producing magnificent sound that can fill medium large to very large rooms with high-power music. This speaker can handle frequencies ranging from 1500Hz to 27kHz.