Loiminchay Audios Chagall Speaker System

Loiminchay Audio, one of the most famous manufacturers of hand-crafted deluxe, higher presentation and limited edition loudspeakers, has introduced its latest edition Chagall speaker system that will provide the users a remarkable musical experience!

The powerful Chagall speaker system comes with natural speed, integrating superbly with the ceramic or diamond tweeters above and the bass below. The bass is made-up from the same 30mm/1.2inch Birch cover and it increases a 220mm/8.6 inch woofer in a 1 inch bulky tangible plinth wrapped with high-quality leather for an extraordinary nonresonant driver platform including response down to a stygian 28Hz.

“Measurements are very important but only part of the story,” explains Patrick. “Everything makes a difference in the sound; the choice of drivers, the shape and density of the cabinet, how well it’s braced, the quality and quantity of the lamb’s wool stuffing, how the sound waves flow around the cabinet’s exterior surfaces, and even which lacquer finish you choose! That’s right, the Chagall in high gloss black piano lacquer sounds slightly different than one in MultiClear lacquer.”

The Loiminchay audio’s Chagall speaker system comes with multi-tasks capabilities including sensitivity with 100 watts of power and powerful bass. It is quite dynamic, fervent performer, and a wonderful speaker to re-erect own excessive art for the users!

The customers can avail of the wonderful Loiminchay Audio’s speaker system to get an unforgettable musical experience.