Logitechs Clear Chat Pro USB headset


Logitech recently disclosed a new PC headset, Logitech’s Clear Chat Pro USB headset which make PC-Internet calling, listening to music and gaming more relaxed and more pleasurable experience. This headset sports proprietary laser-tuned audio drivers, an audio equalizer button. The Clear Chat Pro attaches to the PC with the USB port, generating quality, digital audio free of the quality of the PC’s sound card. These headsets are perfect solutions for gradually more accepted PC-Internet calling function, like Skype®, and their audio performance and comfy design make them idyllic for listening to music, watching movies or for games on the computers.

In addition to all this, as the controls are located on convenient places on the Clear Chat Pro headset, users have fast access to volume and mute functions. As an added relieve, the microphone boom release a soft, red glow when muted so users can be certain no one else can take notice of them speaking. The headset very well works with well accepted PC Internet calling applications, including Skype, Windows Live™, Yahoo!® and AIM®. The Logitech Clear Chat Pro USB is anticipated to be available in the U.S. in September and in Europe in October. The Logitech Clear Chat Pro USB headset will be available at a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Via: Businesswire