Logitech Multimedia Speakers with 360 Degree Sound

Logitech was never really known to provide quality audio from its speaker lines. They are known better for providing ideal interface device such as keyboards and mice. But now, it looks like Logitech is making another go at the audio aspect with the release of these 360 degree Sound multimedia speakers.

Unlike standard PC speakers that use forward-firing drivers, Logitech’s four new multimedia speaker systems feature 360-Degree Sound, which creates a substantially wider sweet spot. With speaker drivers that face forward and backwards in each satellite, Logitech’s new speakers are designed to transmit sound more consistently over a wider range of space so you never miss a beat no matter where you are in the room.

Here are the different speakers that are available from Logitech and their pricing:

  • Logitech Speaker System Z320 ($69.99)
  • Logitech Speaker System Z323 ($69.99)
  • Logitech Speaker System Z523 ($99.99)
  • Logitech Speaker System Z520 ($129.99)

(Source) Press