Logitech LCM-TP1710AD/S LCD Monitor


Logitech Corporation introduced its latest 17 type liquid crystal displays LCM-TP1710AD/S at an expected price of 45,800 Yen. The latest monitors are equipped with 2mm thick hardening glass protective filter to prevent soiling. AR coating prevents reflection of air and delivers images at contrast improvement and flicker. The LCM-TP1710AD/S monitor also loads an OSD menu lock and the memory lock function, therefore is ideal to be installed in public places and schools. The Monitor features largest resolution 1,280?1,024 dot (SXGA), largest display color 1,677 ten thousand colors (false full color), brightness 300cd/ square m, contrast ratio 700: 1, speed of response 5ms and angle of visibility both top and bottom/left and right 160 degrees.

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