Loewe Art SL HDTV

Obviously a new entrant in the HDTV market, the marketing point of this HDTV is its eco-friendly side. The best thing about it is that although it is geared to being green, you will hardly notice the sacrifice in features and quality.

This 1080p LCD display comes with an Eco Mode that lets you control how much power it uses and the automatic light dimming uses up to 20% less than when it runs normally. In standby mode, the Loewe Art SL sucks just 0.7 watts. As you might expect, these power saving features don’t come cheap.

The basic model is ?2,345. It’s available in 42? or 47? screen sizes and each purchase comes with a Freeview tuner and a 250GB HDR.

(Source) Electricpig via Slipperybrick