LMP7717/18 Precision Op Amps

lmp7717.gifNational Semiconductor Corporation recently introduced its latest LMP7717/18 Precision Offset precision amplifier on October 10, 2007. This amplifier is aimed at portable management and testing, medical and industrial systems market that require sensor interface accuracy and signal conditioning.

This energy efficient amplifier consumes only 1.15 mA of quiescent current to deliver 88 Mhz gain bandwidth. It therefore helps in enabling unmatched power efficiency to extend the life of batteries in portable devices. This low-noise, high-speed, low-voltage, precision, low power and CMOS input operational amplifier offers a low input voltage noise density of 5.8 nV/sqrt Hz. It has a supply voltage range of 1.8-5.5V and can effectively operate from a single or dual supply.

The price ranges from $1.05-$2.45 in 1,000-unit quantities. It is built on proprietary VIP50 BiCMOS process technology of National Semiconductor Corporation. Its precision effectively supports 16-bits or more acquisition systems.

Via: Prnewswire Press