Liquavista Launches New Screen Concepts

Liquavista started showing off their latest screen concepts, and I must admit, some of them are really cool. Together with Seymourpowell they presented their latest work this week in Cambridge.

Mark Gostick, Liquavista CEO said:

The combination of the design expertise of Seymourpowell and the innovative display technology of Liquavista ColorBright in these concepts demonstrate the possibilities for transforming everyday products. This comes at a time when the increasingly challenging market environment is making product differentiation more important and more valuable than ever.

You might have heard of Liquavista’s ColorBright display platform, which has been already applied to phones and watches. Well these new concepts are living proof of the fact, that this display technology can be used to create an even wider user experience.

Personally I totally dig this Cycle Monitor Concept and the Shower Control Concept. Both are adjustable to environmental circumstances turning brighter or darker, using the displays at the max capacity.

What about you? Are you a fan of Liquavista? Well stick around if you want to see what concepts this Philips subsidiary will send to productions.

via electricpig