Light Blue Optics Miniature Projection Systems

.Light Blue Optics, a company that aims at offering miniature projection systems has recently announced that it will demonstrate its Miniature Projection Systems with Ultra-Wide Throw Angle and Significant Advances in Speckle Reduction at Society for Information Display (SID 2007). Highlighting feature of the systems is the capability of LBO’s patented holographic laser projection technology Ultra-Wide Throw Angle Greater Than 90? and Internal Speckle Reduction. The company will market its Engineering Samples of LBO’s miniature projection systems from July 2007 to key customers and strategic partners who will be interested in formulating products based on the company’s holographic laser projection technology. LBO is on the way to deliver full colour, high-quality video images at low power consumption housed in a robust design with no moving parts built at a low cost of production.

Via: Prweb