LG W2261V LCD Monitor FCC Approved

FCC has recently approved LG W2261V LCD monitor. It is jam-packed with EZ zooming, 4:3 in wide, photo effect, perfect sound items and a lot more. The LCD monitor can be switched on or switched off by using its menu button.

LG W2261V monitor has OSD locked/unlocked function, which allows users to bar the current control settings. You can also unlock the OSD settings by pressing menu button in a quick span of time.

Customers can also have a look on the specifications of the LG W2261V LCD monitor given below:

  • Display: 21.5” flat panel actives matrix-TFT LCD anti-glare coating
  • Video input: (Input form) RGB Analog (0.7 Vp-p/75 ohm), digital, HDMI
  • Resolution: Recommended- VESA 1920 x [email protected] 60Hz
  • Plug & play: DDC 2B, DDC 2AB
  • Dimensions: 51.90 cm x 39.28cm x 19.32cm
  • Weight: 4.2kg

LG LCD monitor has Auto Image Adjustment and therefore, users can easily adjust the display settings by pressing Auto/Set button. It will automatically set the display image settings for perfect screen resolution. You can also manually set the brightness, ACE, RCM, HUE or saturation of the images as per your interest.

Via: FCC