LG To Launch Freeview HDTVs Next Year

This early, you have to wonder what LG Electronics has left for next year. With an aggressive campaign that offers a lot of new products from the LG brand, rumors have it they will be unveiling a Freeview HDTV next year.

LG will launch its first HDTV with Freeview HD built in by next year, the company says. It looks like the race is on to scrap the satellite from free high-def telly. Freeview HD is due to launch in the UK this year, and LG, which just launched its first flatscreen with Freesat built in, will launch a TV with the new tech built in by 2010, it’s let slip.

Freeview HD will offer the same 1080i rezzie as Freesat and Sky HD, but without the need for a dish or cable. Will it be enough to tempt viewers away from standard def Freeview in flocks? Here’s hoping LG can come up with a Freeview HD gogglebox that does just that.