LG PZ550 50- and 60-inch 3DTVs Now Available Starting at $1,299

As you’re sure to know just about every movie hitting the theaters comes in 3D. This may be something you love or hate but from the looks of it 3D display technology doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon especially with the forthcoming release of mainstream devices like the Nintendo 3DS. If you’re one who has yet to bring 3D into their own home theater, perhaps you want to check out the LG PZ550 line up of televisions, which are shipping now.

These televisions feature some highly sought after specs including a full 1080p HD resolution, 2D-to-3D conversion, 600Hz Max Sub Field Driving, NetCast Entertainment access and much more.

As I said above the PZ550 line up is shipping now with the 50-inch going for $1,299 and the 60-inch for $2,000.

Check out Amazon’s listing for the 50-inch PZ550 here and the 60-inch, here.