LG PS8000 Plasma 600Hz Smooth Motion

One thing about plasma televisions is that they tend to have pixelation which some viewers are not keen on seeing. However, it looks like LG Electronics has improved their line of plasmas on this issue with a new technology for smoother frame-to-frame transitions, the 600Hz “Smooth Motion”.

600Hz ‘Smooth Motion’ increases the rate at which the plasma pixels refresh to improve High Definition motion tracking. It is worth noting that the figure is not directly comparable to an LCD refresh rate.

The PS8000 series will feature “THX Media Director” which has been designed to simplify operation, ensuring optimized settings, the goal being to deliver a realistic entertainment experience, just as the director intended. THX Media Director enables movies, music and other digital content to transfer optimized picture and sound settings to other compatible AV devices, dynamically configuring them for playback.

(Source) HDTVORG