LG PG6900 Plasma TV

LG recently hit the headlines for the latest, dynamic PG6900 Plasma TV series. The mind-boggling range consists of two stupendous models in 50-inch and 42 inch sizes. The PG6900 Plasma TV touts 160-gigabyte hard-disk, electronic programme guides along with timer TV programming function.

What surprises you is its ability to record a TV show, when you are watching another with the aid of TWo DVB-tuner coupled with analog receivers. It also boasts of 100-hertz mechanism and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

In addition to a glossy, sleek design, the unique series also offers three HDMI ports, which allows you to coonect to a game console, Blu-ray player and AV receiver. Besides providing infallible output, it also looks exclusive and classic in your home interiors. The 50-inch model costs you around 2,299 Euros while the 42-inch Plasma set is available for 1,799 Euros.

Via: Aving