LG Infinia 50PK750 Plasma Television Review-Sub Thousand Plasma Goodness

It’s been a good long while since we’ve had a look at plasma televisions, lately, so let’s step right back in with the folks at LG. Today we’re looking at the LG Infinia 50PK750, a television with plenty to offer.

The LG Infinia 50PK750 is a fifty inch 1080p plasma television that offers internet connectivity (Ethernet port with Wi-Fi available with an adapter), Dual XD engine and a TruBlack Filter for improved picture, a protective Skin Glass for improved glare reduction, THX Display Certification (which is no small feat, as THX certification measures things like gamma levels, luminance and color temperature), two USB ports, a twenty-watt speaker system, Dolby digital sound decoding and four HDMI inputs.

The picture on this thing is as patently amazing as you’d expect from something with THX certification, and the sound quality is pretty solid besides. I definitely like the looks on this thing, and the fact that Amazon is currently selling these at $952.78 is a welcome sight.  I love that more plasma televisions are coming down into the sub-thousand dollar range.  Admittedly, that’s probably got a lot to do with the emergence of LED televisions, but still–the effects are welcome.

So if you’re in the market for new television, consider the LG Infinia 50PK750, a really nice plasma television at a steadily improving price.