LG HS-200G Pocket Projector

LG and Luminus Devices Inc. have announced the release of a new ultra-mobile projector that delivers increased brightness, performance and reliability. The new projector weighs less than 2 lbs. and can fit at the palm of the hand. Armed with PhlatLight LEDs, better brightness, performance and reliability empower this latest environmental friendly projector.

PhlatLight LEDs can last up to 70,000 hours and never need replacement throughout the lifetime of the HS-200G, which significantly increases reliability of the projector and enhances the customer ownership experience. In that effect, the projector is an ideal visual aid solution for businesses particularly for marketers who make use of visual aids when presentations come into play.

“The HS-200G is the next advancement in LG’s effort to offer consumers superior picture quality for projecting presentations, games or movies anywhere,” said Brian Park, Marketing Group Leader, LG Electronics. “PhlatLight LEDs provide the brightness and long-life that enable LG to maintain leadership and innovation in ultra-mobile projector technology.”

(Source) Press