LG Electronics New HDTV Line-Up

lg-tv-SL80-Large Recently, at the annual Summer Line Show of LG Electronics, the company unveiled its latest LCD (SL80 series) and LED (SL90 series) HDTVs. Both the HDTVs feature a single edge-to-edge glass panel over an ultra-slim bezel, creating a sophisticated look that turns heads, no matter if the TV is on or off.

To achieve dramatically thin profile and deliver superior picture quality for compelling visual experience, the SL80 series make use of slim CCFL technology with TruMotion 240Hz. The SL80 series is less than 1.8 inches thick and is available in 42-, 47-, and 55-inch class screen sizes. The SL80 will be available in August, 2009 for $1,599.95, $1,899.95 and $2,799.95 respectively.

On the other hand, to provide enhanced picture quality and energy efficiency, the SL90 utilizes LED display technology. The SL90 series will be released by the end of this year and will be available in 42- and 47-inch class screen sizes. The prices will be announced later.