LG Electronics Launch New LCD Monitors for Digital Signage

For advertisers, the mediums of carrying out their advertising and promotional needs today have blossomed into many possibilities and apparently, LG Electronics has come up with various LCD Monitor display options to serve their digital signage needs.

Among the new monitors that LCD has for the trendy advertisers include that of the:

M4741T (Touch Screen Monitors)
We are in the age of making use of simplified touch screen monitors. They are ideal for the business environment and apparently many companies are shifting towards this new technology. These new monitors are ideal for customer service-related queries, obviously serving a better option than the usual keyboard and mouse interface.

M4714V (Triple View LCD Monitors)
This new triple view monitor makes advertising a dream. It can cater up to three different ads at one, making it profitable at every angle. Pegged to be installed in the public places, the sight alone of these new monitors makes it an attraction in itself, thus becoming a starting point in getting attention which ads are supposed to ideally be doing.

“Today, with the constant need to communicate messages quickly and effectively, the importance of finding the right digital signage product is more important than ever before,” said Jeff Dowell, vice president, Digital Signage, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. “LG provides cutting edge products that pinpoint the needs for all customers – from retail environments to hospitals and hotels.”

(Source) Press